Can anyone else drive the car during my scheduled time?

No. Only Members who reserve the vehicle are allowed to drive the vehicle. If a vehicle is driven by a non-Member (or a Member who did not reserve the vehicle) and an accident occurs, your membership will be terminated and you will be held responsible for all damages.

Can I be guaranteed a reliable and clean vehicle?

Of course! We provide vehicles no older than 3 years old. Our vehicle preventive maintenance program ensures reliability and safety. Please call us if there are any damage or cleanliness problems with the vehicle.

What if the vehicle breaks down?

If there is a problem with the vehicle, please call us immediately. We provide 24/7 road service. Keep in mind that you may be liable for the cost if it is due to driver error. This includes if you run out of charge while on the road, where a tow charge will apply.

What if the vehicle gets stolen while under my care?

Please call us immediately if your vehicle has been stolen. Our vehicles are equipped with anti-theft and tracking devices which allow us to swiftly retrieve the vehicle. If you follow the rentE instructions when exiting and entering the vehicle, the car will be immobile when you are not in it. Make sure you follow instructions […]

Can I extend my reservation?

Members should not expect to extend their reservations, but we will try to accommodate your needs. Please remember that all vehicles need to be fully charged between bookings and the vehicles are in high demand. Please call our office immediately if you think you will need to return your car late.

What about tolls?

Members are responsible for any tolls. They must be dealt with as if it were your own vehicle. Any violations that come to rentE may result in fees.

What if I run out of range during my booking?

We provide 24/7 road service, so please call us immediately to report this and stay with the car. Running out of battery is a driver error, in the same way as running out of petrol, so you will be responsible for the full cost of towing the vehicle back to our warehouse.

What if I get into an accident with the vehicle?

You are required to treat the accident as you would if you were driving your own vehicle. Please report the accident to us as soon as is safe to do so. Your membership will be automatically suspended until we do an investigation into the incident. If possible, get a police report and pictures. Make sure […]