Some Helpful Questions and Answers


What age do I have to be to join rentE?

You need to be 25 years old, have held a valid UK licence for at least 3 years and have an active Uber account.

What happens if I am under 25?

Your application will be considered if you are under the age of 25 and have no Violations Or Accidents If Under The Age Of 25

Will I be charged an annual membership fee?

No. rentE only requires an initial sign-up fee to cover all background checks and to register you with the insurance, after this there are no membership fees to remain part of the program.

Do I really need to complete the orientation in person?

Yes. We want to ensure you are able to get the most out of our program and run through how to use an electric vehicle, our remote unlocking booking app and how to report any problems.

Do I have to charge the car or pay for fuel?

No. Your car will always be charged to at least 80% when you pick it up. Your only responsibility is to ensure you take the vehicle off charge correctly before driving off and ensuring it is back on charge after you return it.

How far can I travel in an electric car?

The vehicles have a real world range of at least 150 miles. If you have more than 1 hour of your booking left and the range drops below 20% you can ring our offices and, if we have an available car, we will allow you to swap into one with greater range free of charge.

Am I allowed to use my vehicle for Uber?

Absolutely, all cars are registered with the council as private hire vehicles and insurance is provided for this purpose.

How do I cancel my membership?

Members are free to cancel their membership at any time and for any reason. Members will need to ring our office or email [email protected] to make this arrangement.


How do reservations work?

You can make a reservation on rentE’s online reservation system any time up to 15 minutes in advance. All reservations must begin and end at the same location which will be listed on your reservation confirmation.
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What are the rates per shift and when will I be charged?

rentE vehicles are available from just £5 per hour or £6 per hour at weekends or bank holidays (from midday Friday until midnight Sunday). There is a one-off, non-refundable application fee of £40, after which you only pay when you use the car. Payments will be charged to your debit / credit card in the 24 hours following your reservation.

Is electricity included for the electric vehicles?

Yes. rentE covers the cost of electricity at any rentE charging location. Any charging away from one of rentE’s charging locations is not covered. You may bring the vehicle to any rentE charging location at any time during your reservation to rapid charge during the shift.

How many miles are included

3000 miles per subscription month,

Who pays for petrol?

You don’t pay any fuel costs as the cars are electric.

Can I cancel a booking?

Changes or cancellations to a reservation must be made at least 36 hours before the start of your reservation or within 3 hours from the time you book your reservation to avoid incurring a fee. The fee is equal to the full cost of the reservation.

Insurance & Damage

Can I purchase a Damage Fee Waiver?

Yes. The enhanced Damage Fee Waiver allows you to eliminate the Damage Fee for physical damage to the car. You can make this purchase during the application process or any time during your membership using the following form ‘rentE Driver Fee Waiver Form’.

Is insurance covered?

Yes, all drivers meeting the entry requirements for rentE will have comprehensive insurance provided with the service.

What is the Damage Fee?

The Damage Fee is the maximum liability a Member has for any incident. The maximum Damage Fee, if no enhanced Damage Fee Waiver is purchased, is £500 per incident. This would be waived if a sufficiently insured third party is found to be 100% at-fault.

Note: Members are not held responsible for normal wear and tear on the vehicle. It is critical you inspect the vehicle inside and out before you begin every reservation and report any damage. This will ensure you will not be held responsible for damage prior to your reservation.


What happens after I reserve a vehicle?

You will reserve a specific vehicle for a specific time and specific location. At the time of your reservation, you will go to the location, park your vehicle in our parking and inspect the vehicle for damage. During your reservation, you can lock and unlock the vehicle with your smartphone, using the rentE app. Make sure you switch the charger at the wall and unhook the charging cable before setting off. The key to start the vehicle will be found in the glove box compartment and should remain in the car at all times. Please ensure the dashcam light is on, otherwise your insurance may be invalidated. Step on the brake pedal, press the start button and you are on your way!

What should I do on returning the vehicle?

You must return the vehicle to the same place, lock the vehicle with your smartphone and put the car on charge at the end of a booking. Also, take a walk around the vehicle to check for damage. If any is found, please take a picture and report it immediately. Your booking will not stop until the vehicle is successfully parked in our warehouse and on charge.

Is smoking allowed?

Our vehicles are smoke-free vehicles. We do not allow smoking under any circumstances. If you need to smoke, please do so away from the vehicle. Any smoke damage reported will result in cleaning fees.

Can anyone else drive the car during my scheduled time?

No. Only Members who reserve the vehicle are allowed to drive the vehicle. If a vehicle is driven by a non-Member (or a Member who did not reserve the vehicle) and an accident occurs, your membership will be terminated and you will be held responsible for all damages.

Can I be guaranteed a reliable and clean vehicle?

Of course! We provide vehicles no older than 3 years old. Our vehicle preventive maintenance program ensures reliability and safety. Please call us if there are any damage or cleanliness problems with the vehicle.

What if the vehicle breaks down?

If there is a problem with the vehicle, please call us immediately. We provide 24/7 road service. Keep in mind that you may be liable for the cost if it is due to driver error. This includes if you run out of charge while on the road, where a tow charge will apply.

What if the vehicle gets stolen while under my care?

Please call us immediately if your vehicle has been stolen. Our vehicles are equipped with anti-theft and tracking devices which allow us to swiftly retrieve the vehicle. If you follow the rentE instructions when exiting and entering the vehicle, the car will be immobile when you are not in it. Make sure you follow instructions carefully, as damage fees can be applied if the vehicle is left in an unlocked condition.

Can I extend my reservation?

Members should not expect to extend their reservations, but we will try to accommodate your needs. Please remember that all vehicles need to be fully charged between bookings and the vehicles are in high demand. Please call our office immediately if you think you will need to return your car late.

What about tolls?

Members are responsible for any tolls. They must be dealt with as if it were your own vehicle. Any violations that come to rentE may result in fees.

What if I get a ticket during my reservation?

Members are responsible for any traffic or parking violations. They must be dealt with as if it were your own vehicle. Any violations that come to rentE may result in fees.

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