Save money with one of our electric cars today!

rentE provides eco-friendly shift-based rental cars for private hire drivers. We offer 100% electric cars from just £150/week which includes fuel and insurance. Our fleet is already registered with Wolverhampton council and all have private hire (PCO) insurance. All you need is to have completed on-boarding and have a private hire driver licence.

1. Register
Sign up through our registration page and choose the amount of hours you want to use a car for each week
2. Book Shifts
Book the times in the week you want the car using the hours in your weekly bundle package
3. Unlock
Pick up the car from our office in Tyseley. Use your phone to unlock it using the rentE app and take the car off charge
4. Drive
Use car for pre-booked time period and return at the end of the shift. Put the car on charge and lock using the rentE app

Register now and start booking cars with rentE to make more money on your next Uber drive.

After you register you will hear back from one of our team within 24hrs.